Graphic Novel Book Club Minis

At the library that I work at, I am a facilitator for our Adult Graphic Novel Book Club. (Basically, this means I get to come in an hour later the day after our meet-up, lol. Also I do the posters/signage, which is F U N.) We read a graphic novel, or sometimes several volumes of … Continue reading Graphic Novel Book Club Minis

Mini-Reviews + Sneak Peek: Undead Girl Gang

Although how much I read greatly depends on time (of course) and my mental health (shakes tiny fist at... well a giant stack of books // my eyes are bigger than my brainpan), I'm usually reading/trying to read several books at once. I have always liked jumping between things for whatever reason. I'll pause video … Continue reading Mini-Reviews + Sneak Peek: Undead Girl Gang