Sunshine Blogger Award

Hullo all! I have a twofer sunny posting for you today. Both Maria @ bookgraphy65 and Abigail @ abigailstalesbooks have tagged me for this award in the past couple of months! Thanks! Be sure to check out their blogs because they are both awesomesauce people. RULES Thank the blogger who nominated you by linking their blog Answer the questions … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

The CRAMM Awards; or Why am I here?!

Picture me, a little over two weeks ago, and generally: So, I'm not trying to be facetious; Stitch is adorable so I'll never pass up a chance to post him; and the gif is a true example of my headspace sometimes. I often don't have the most level internal emotional track. I have intrusive negative … Continue reading The CRAMM Awards; or Why am I here?!