my ratings system // out of five stars

1 star: how was this published? i didn’t like a single thing about it. most likely i found something problematic/gross/awful in it. UGH

2 star: felt very meh about the whole thing but didn’t outright pitch it across the room. perhaps i was disappointed by expectations going in, or the writing at sentence level was truly awful and hard to ignore, or i just didn’t like a single character and felt like “why did i bother reading this?”

3 star: there are two types of 3 star books, high and low, and i think my reviews will reflect which way a book was for me. sometimes a book is a middling so-so forgettable with some brilliant bits kind of work. sometimes it’s a here’s all this to love but somehow it’s just not worthy of a higher rating… because it never quite became my child.

4 star: a sweet spot of a book, i loved most of it with quibbles here or there and i would def recommend to a wider audience, what held it back from a full five is most likely personal pref (did it really make my heart sing/burn/swell/staccato/burst?)

5 star: i want to live in this book or wish i had written this book or want everyone to read this book because it’s just that damn good

**the only picture books i’ll ever review on here are five star picture books**