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A while ago Kelly @ justanotherbookinthewall did this tag and while I don’t like to dwell on the nopes (pop culture-wise; my own brainpan can get into depressive nope spirals like it’s my number one job), this was a fun tag to do! Sometimes you just gotta let out the nope in order to feel dope…. I’m so sorry.

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rhyme happens


NOPE Ending | A Book Ending That Made You Go NOPE Either In Denial, Rage, or Simply Because The Ending Was Crappy


This movie is about the relationship between a mother and her son and the aftermath when her son murders his classmates. It’s very well-written, and came out over 10 years ago, with a great film adaptation following. What gets to me about the ending was the inevitable long scream of it. This is a profile of a young killer, of a mother trapped within her own ambivalence and blindness – who really thinks their loved one would do something like this? – and the ending is just devastating. It’s similar thematically with the film Rudderless* (school massacre, nature vs nurture, how family/survivors are impacted), but is very different in tone/final message. I would recommend either of these stories because the elements/acting/writing come together to craft a compelling story about a controversial topic.

*Rudderless is a well-done movie with a fantastic cast (Anton Yelchin will make you cry for more than one reason) and the soundtrack is pretty good (it was designed to be that way lol) I like this one a lot, but it’s the last song on the soundtrack, so could be spoilery: Sing Along

NOPE Protagonist |  A Main Character You Dislike & Drives You Crazy


Dear Victor, Hug your son. Stop whinging. It’ll be alright. Love, Cade

NOPE Series | A Series That Turned Out to Be One Huge Pile of NOPE


James Patterson is just not for me. I know that now. I picked this book series up because I was pretty into Dark Angel and this is Dark Angel lite* and the kids were cute and Patterson’s writing definitely hurtles you along at a breakneck pace until you’re all, “plot holes, what?” There was a book later on in the series where all characterization and plot went out the window in favor of, if I recall correctly, the kids fighting the baddies in a northern locale, and it was a huuuuuuuuge global warming PSA, which yes, please, inspire our kids to save our planet, but I prefer the gorgeous, moving Miyazakian way, not the anvilicious style JPats delivered. So… it’s just a blargh, forgettable series for me.

*I’m not saying Dark Angel was any better. Just I can still dig it, even years later, even looking back at the so very early 00s James Cameron mess that it was. Um, yeah, see ya, gotta blaze.

NOPE Popular Pairing | A Ship You Don’t Support

Breaking Dawn cover.jpg

This really isn’t a popular pairing, I’ll bet, and yeah, we all know Twilight has abusive, problematic as all get out couples, but dear Criminy Jickets, is the pairing of Jacob and a freaking five-minute-old baby the absolute worst. There’s nothing redeemable about writing a female BABY character who will “look” 17 in like seven years so it’s NBD, right, my dudes, and taking away all of her agency literally before she has a chance to scream about it. I just… nah, son. I noped out this franchise when Jacob was trying to justify his cousin having a playdate with a two-year-old LI on the beach. I don’t even want to “get it” as anything romantic or chivalrous. Peace.

NOPE Plot Twist | A Twist You Didn’t Anticipate, Or One You Didn’t Like

Related imagewil

HOLY MOLES this film is gorgeous and the plot twists (yes, plural) extremely well-executed and brilliant. I still need to read the book it’s based on, Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, and the film is graphic at parts, but I just love this story so much. It’s as sublime as the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror, especially in terms of the ending.

NOPE Protagonist’s Decision | A Decision That Made You Shake Your Head

Leonardo Dicaprio GIF

Oh my babes, my dramatic darlings, my dudes. Romeo and Juliet. You were one of the firsts, so I get ya, no precedent = bad decision making. But at least now all of us know. If ya gonna fall madly in love-lust, maybe chill for a minute or two before ending it.

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NOPE Genre | A Genre You Will Never Read

I’m not sure… I liked quite a few Beat authors, but if William S. Burroughs could be considered his own genre, drug-addled nonsense with a dab of pretension, then yeah, never. Reading The Naked Lunch was like scraping my face against the Gum Wall in Seattle while someone butchered a Celine Dion song behind me and made off with my Cajun GF tater tots.

napoleon dynamite tots GIF

NOPE Book Format | Book Formatting You Hate & Refuse To Buy

Um, again, not sure. I guess I don’t purchase audiobooks because eAudiobooks are amazing and freeeeeee. I don’t really like how small mass market paperbacks are? So yeah, I’d avoid those, except for the very odd occasion at the library.

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NOPE Trope | A Trope That You Hate

Fridging women and burying the gays. F/// off.

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NOPE Recommendation | A Hyped Book That You Refuse To Read

Uhhhhhhh, anything John Green or E.L. James. I’ve read enough sporkings/reviews to know, these are not the metaphors I’m looking for, and they won’t be my cup of (Twinings) tea.

The Road To El Dorado Not Today GIF
the stars. can’t do it.

NOPE Cliche | A Cliche Or Pet Peeve That Makes You Roll Your Eyes

I n s t a l o v e. Especially when it involves a turrible dudebro jerk and the female MC is like “but he’s soooooooo hot, I shall accept this physical/emotional/verbal abuse, #worthit.” It’s just such poor writing and honestly irresponsible/lazy/lame when authors do this.

new girl flirting GIF
“I like your glasses.” “They help me see.” #flirtachievementunlocked

NOPE Love Interest | A Character You Don’t Think Should’ve Been A Viable Love Interest

hunger games GIF

I mean… he’s boring. And makes dumb decisions. And Gatniss or Kale just can’t even hold a candle to the portmanteau perfection that is Peeniss and Katpee. Both. Both is good.

NOPE Book | A Book You Don’t Think Should Exist

Alrighty, so I work at a library. And even before that, even in my high school these certain YA hyped books are trash WHYYYYY phase, I never thought a book shouldn’t exist (or should be burned or banned or whathaveyou). Every book is a gift from an author to the world, a piece of their heart, and although their story might not resonate with myself, there is someone out there who will enjoy that book. BUT BUT there is one book, one terrible waste of paper, that I was pretty miffed to see my library had spent money on. It doesn’t matter what political set-up it was, but here’s the appalling gist. The title was Reasons to Vote for the Purple Party. And I flipped through it to find 200+ blank pages. And a f///ing fake bibliography. If (huge if) this failure of a joke had been released on a college campus, with a recycling bin right by the booth, maybe I would be like, Okay, I get your commentary. But that was not the case. Utterly stupid book. Because it was a throwaway joke. I just, gosh, I’m seething thinking about it. ANYWHO.

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NOPE Villain | A Scary Villain You Would Hate To Cross Paths With

eat mads mikkelsen GIF

That’s a toss up between Patrick Bateman and Hannibal Lecter. The former is obnoxious toxic fragile masculinity incarnate, blargh. And the latter… oh no, I guess actually I wouldn’t mind going to one of his dinner parties, as long as I wasn’t the guest of honor, and I didn’t know about… you know. If it was Mads Mikkelsen, ja feel? And the food production was as koala tea as the NBC show. Yes… ahem. *whistles*

Television Hannibal GIF

NOPE Death | A Character Death That Still Haunts You

littlefoot GIF

I mean, literary-wise, there’s half of the Harry Potter cast, that character from Bridge to Terebithia, Boromir, Artax from The Neverending Story (although the movie version is actually far more emotionally fraught than the book), FREAKING The Book Thief, the ending of Life of Pi and We Need to Talk About Kevin and all of The Lovely Bones. Ahem, but the one that got me as a child and still freaking does, is when Littlefoot’s mother dies, fighting off that wicked T. Rex. The music, the whimpers, that old codger Scolosaurus (who was only added in after suggestions by psychologists that hey, Mr. Bluth, let’s give the kiddos a chance to freaking breathe after that small bit of devastation, maybe.) It all comes together to rip my heart out. Golly, I love this first film, and golly, I’m sad.

NOPE Author | An Author You Have Decided to Quit

I don’t know… even before the allegations, I didn’t like Junot Diaz’s stuff. He knows one story and he sticks to it. Oh, I did a chronological reread of a lot of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes’ supernatural books last year, and I got through her fantastic shapeshifter series, but fizzled out once I dove back into her vampire stuff. It just became very repetitive and boring and disappointing. So. Maybe one day I’ll read her next stuff, especially if it’s a new series, but for a while now, I just don’t care.


Has a book ever made you “nope” so hard that you tossed it across the room? What “nope” pairings do you have? If you’d like to do this tag, feel free! But also:

I tag: Jess and Teagan | Bentley | Larkin | Lily | May


12 thoughts on “The Nope Book Tag

  1. Oh gosh yeah the ending for we need to talk about kevin is just devastating. hahaha at your letter to Victor 😉 Totally agree about Maximum Ride- it started out so well but went massively downhill!! Ugh don’t even remind me about the whole Renesmee thing- it’s so icky :/ hehe totally hear you on John Green and E L James- I’ve tried both and neither of them are my cup of (I wish it were Twinings) tea 😉 Instalove sucks. And completely agree about *that* death from Bridge to Terabithia- gets me every time! Awesome answers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! (Twinings tea is pretty great and lately I’ve been enjoying Bigelow brand. They have really good chamomile and Earl Grey bags. I’m not a connoisseur, but my mum’s from London so I grew up drinking tea every day and night ❤ )

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aahh, thank you so much for tagging me! I’ve been tagged for this so many times now I probably should do it 😂 And I agree totally — insta-love annoys me to no end, and the bury your gays trope is just horrible and unnecessary. But yeah, I relate to not really having a hated book format, but the small mass market paperbacks are just so hard to read and don’t really look that nice 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome 😀 OMG I’ve dropped mass market paperbacks (and accidentally punted them because #clumsyAF) so many times. If I’m not thinking, usually my reflexes are good, but with dropping books I’ll panic and then make things worse lol. So, yeah, tiny size and tiny script is just not for me 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

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  3. Sometimes you just gotta let out the nope in order to feel dope…. = you know what? This is actually the friggin truth. 👏

    You are making me feel more excited to read We Need to Talk About Kevin. I’m liking the sound of the entire dynamic of the book, it seems realistic that a mother wouldn’t know because which mother would suspect this of the child, or even fathom how she brought up a kid, taught a kid, that would grow up to massacre students. The nature/nurture dynamic sounds fascinating, I wonder which way of tips in this book or whether it’s a combination…

    And I started thinking Frankenstein in your description of WNtTAK and yup, whaddya know, you chose Frankenstein in the next part, lol.

    I don’t even understand what got into Stephanie Meyer’s mind to think that it was acceptable to write in a grown man imprinting on a baby. I mean young teens are your audience, damn, girl, what message is that to send.

    I hear Turtles All the Way Down is good, and I loved Paper Towns!

    Exactly Gale is boring! Poor girl went through all that and you want more continued misery for her by pairing her with Gale? Peeniss/Katpee all the way. This is the first time I’ve heard this ship name, it’s friggin hilarious.

    That purple book sounded like some waste of paper *trembles*

    OMG, yes Patrick Bateman is bloody terrifying. Imagine going on a date, completely unsuspecting, and then, whelp, you’re gone. Paha, that’s why in the Muslim world, sometimes you just gotta arrange marriage it and live with their family, and given how bad mother-in-laws can be, if you disappear, we all know it was them. 😔

    Koala tea. I think Imma cry. That’s my favourite pun. ❤️

    Boromir and basically almost everyone in The Book Thief. Especially Rudy, that one hit me the hardest. 💔

    Book I wanted to fling across the room is The Secret History. It was too much misery. Nope pairing Daenerys and Drogo, I mean he’s hot, but he wants to rape women… so, issa no.

    Love your answers btw, I was cracking up throughout.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll keep that in mind about Turtles and Paper Towns! I think I will eventually watch the movie because of the cast and if I do, I just might read the book 🙂

        OMG Rudy Steiner. I just… yeah that whole nightmare scene. It’s such a beautiful and important book. But yeah, Rudy’s death and Liesel’s reaction were just heart-wrenching.

        Golly that book The Secret History does sound miserable! And yeah I don’t get the full-on love for Khal Drogo, and the actor’s rape joke… eh, I’ll always think of that when I see him in something so I don’t really see him in things anymore if I can help it lol.

        Thanks for commenting! I’m glad I could make you laugh 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I can’t remember if Paper Towns movie adaptation was faithful to the book, but Margot’s story kinda made me tear up a little and I hear Turtles is very realistic. 🙂

          I hate that they foreshadowed it from the start.. and you’re just sat there reading and waiting for that ending to come and you know what’s going to home. It really puts into perspective the countless innocent lives and dreams that were lost because of an anti-Semitic.

          The Secret History is miserable from start to finish. I would recommend The Goldfinch because while it is sad, there are some wonderful and endearing characters, but it is very character-driven and there’s no resolution, so I’m not sure if you’ll like it. But I loved it! And yes, I remember that joke! He has since apologised for it, I am not sure if his apology was sincere because I don’t know much about his character, he does seem okay. But Khal Drogo… nope.

          No worries, I always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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