The Cruel Prince // Little Mayfly Lives [Playlist]

Hullo, fair folks! Do you sometimes connect songs to media you’re currently consuming (or writing)? I sure do, and this is one result. I really freaking loved The Cruel Prince and I would die for Jude Duarte and here we are:

20 songs that make me think of

badass ladies

Faerie court intrigue

burning down the patriarchy


jagged lovers who strike like flint

Part Jude x Cardan // Part Let This Young Woman Destroy All Fae

When you’re in the half light

It is not you I see

And you’ll live a half life

You only show half to me

Sometimes I join you

Let you wash over me

When we’re in the darkness

Only the blind can see

And you can tear it up

Oh, no-one tears it up like you

Oh, you can rip it up

Oh, I can’t rip it up like you



4 thoughts on “The Cruel Prince // Little Mayfly Lives [Playlist]

  1. I don’t ordinarily listen to western music unless it’s old school but that song was haunting and I love the lyrics you posted. I mean they’re morbid but it’s got such a ring of truth that grabs you by the shoulders.

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