July Wrap-Up // August TBR

Hullo everyone! How was your July?? Of course, it flew by as the months seem to have been doing lately (stop that, let’s just chill in the nice summer breeze pleaaaase BUT ALAS and I do want Octoberween to return so).

This is my month to use my tax return for FUN HAPPY-MAKING STUFF!! I’ll be going to Portland, Oregon, to visit fam and poss S e a t t l e (that’ll be my first time there) and I’m SO freaking excited! There’s concerts and tattoos and just hanging out with a bestie, and this week and a bit sustains me for most of the year. (It’s my intent to one day move west coast; it just makes me happy; sometimes you know the places that’ll make you happy.)

happy jessica walter GIF

I don’t know if this will affect reading/posting. Most likely ?? But I’ll still be bringing books and eBooks with me and I’m hoping to write my personal stuff this month and do a writer-ly “we’re all in this together” post. And I’ll still be checking in on other posts and commenting ❤

*y’all are the sweet geek Hardison and I’m the hot mess combo of Parker & Eliot hugging y’all cuz you bring out the best in me and I’ll miss ya*
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 July // The Reading Romp Continues

Total books read: 16 + picture books

What Is Happening Andy Samberg GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine
me after each month where I’ve actually read stuff!!

Again ton of graphic novels (I’m trying to clear my library check outs especially this week before my trip), but seven of that count are regular length novels (including one audiobook and one anthology). 😀

Watchmen, Ms. Marvel: No Normal, Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Black Panther: World of Wakanda // I plan on still doing a comparison/discussion post of all of these superhero GNs soon. A breakdown for now: It’s understandable why Watchmen is so revered, A Nation Under Our Feet was boring and confusing at best, World of Wakanda was solid and had an actual story, and I would die for Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel, and she is the reason why I still read GNs and why they just keep getting better and better. When you know how to use the medium well, it’s a perfect playground for bringing new diverse voices to the table.

A Thousand Perfect Notes // Absolutely lovely heart-wrenching story of obsessive music and cursed hands, sugar and charcoal, hope spots and inner strength.

To Kill A Kingdom // This book has such a fun world within it and a fab OTP to buoy me along through all the odd writing.

Dress Codes for Small Towns // Hoo boy, starts slow as molasses, and then I fell very hard for an OT3 (shocking but so well-written) and I ended up really liking the narrator, Billie. Such a big heart, even with all her selfish impulsive tendencies.

The Future is Blue// RTC! (I hate when I have an ARC read but I’m just not finding the time to finish up a review?? BLARGH) I LOVED this collection.

The Cruel Prince// Probably any other fae thing I picked up after ACOTAR/ACOWAR would have been better, and TCP did not disappoint. Also, check out my playlist inspired by this particular fae story!

You Know Me Well // [Audiobook + Reread] I just love this sweet little story so much. So much gay and just this “instafriendship” worked for me and overall very relatable slice of life book. And the audiobook narrators were perfect.

From Twinkle, With Love // RTC! It was… well, I liked parts of it!!

Every Heart A Doorway and Down Among the Sticks and Bones // I love this universe so so so so much. EHAD feels very much like a prologue, but DATSAB is such a lovely gothic romp, and has cemented my love for this series. Can’t wait to read the next one!

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion // Accomplishes so much characterization, diversity, creeptastic visuals in such a short time that a lot of books fail to do with a hundred more pages. Really really want to get my hands on the sequel.

Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy Volume One // Sci-fi stories really get me when one, the tech is grabby hands awesome, and two, the characters are fab and relatable even in their futuristic fantastic setting. This lil book accomplishes both and really highlights a wonderful vision of a high school/coming-of-age story that feels both familiar and fresh. And I’m very intrigued by the Space Boy, who is a very cursory character in this first volume.

The Witch Boy // This middle grade GN is so so lovely and well done. It focuses on gender binary expectations/limitations and how they can make people feel trapped, lost, and abandoned. And there’s magic and beautiful friendships and diverse characters and body types and I’m all hearteyes for this world.


August TBR // Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Might be stopped by travel??)

Carryovers From Previous Month

Meddling Kids // Emergency Contact  // Geekerella // The Love That Split the World // Anger Is a Gift // [I just don’t know how to quit these lol]

Immediate ARCs

Ha, so these are as different as could be // visually lush but maybe confusing GN vs middle grade about a talking bat that befriends a lonely kid?? WOOT

Portland Trip

Anyone else physically incapable of traveling without books? Six of Crows I’m so sorry for doing you this way for months!! The Abyss Surrounds Us ;SFJA;LSJF;JSJFA;LASKJ. I want to watch the movie as well for this seminal piece of lesbian fiction, Desert of the Heart and I have had it checked out forever. I read several chapters of Lies You Never Told Me through BookishFirst.com and it was AMAZING and I hope the rest of it is, as well. A teen thriller with teens that sound like teens?? I’ve usually found places and time to read on my trip (reading on one of the outlooks at Ecola State Park, where the Goonies have walked = ❤ ❤ ❤ ) so I think I’ll be able to knock out at least one of these while I’m away from my everyday.

Book Clubs // Book Boxes

For my birthday, my mum was incredibly sweet and got me three months of OwlCrate. I loved all the bookish stuff in the July box but I don’t know how the book will go, lol, I’ve read such conflicting reviews and I love Jane Eyre, so we’ll see! And actually, I’ve already read We Stand On Guard, my GN book club’s pick for August and it’s really freaking good.


Book Blogger Highlights

  • Sophia at her blog had some beautiful book quotes to share.
  • Elise @ thebookishactress always has such cool release update posts and I can’t wait to watch Sharp Objects and to watch/read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Heartstopper by Alice Oseman.
  • Lily @ sprinklesofdreams has some nonfiction recs and YES Hamilton: The Revolution is just one of the best behind the scenes books ever, loaded with gorgeous pictures and brilliant stories about putting together that wicked fab musical.
  • Michelle @ thewritinghufflepuff is so relatable with her post about how writers strugg to func when it comes to actually writing.
  • fab 5 netflix GIF by Queer Eye
    it’s so real (unfortunately)
  • Abigail at her blog talked about her reading habits and I loved it, especially this quote: “Some books need to be devoured, while others need to be digested.”
  • Shanti @ virtuallyread had some great fiction/non-fiction pairings!
  • Mel has me realizing if I don’t read Laini Taylor before the year is up… what am I even doing with my life? ❤
  • Jamieson started the coolest feature at her blog: adaptations and specifics about books she’d like to see and I LIVE for stuff like this. (I facecast my own writing, it’s just nice to think about these things if you love TV/film as much as books.)


How was everyone’s July? What are you looking forward to reading or doing in August? If I manage to see the Christopher Robin movie, expect tears!!


16 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up // August TBR

  1. Hey, I love you! And you’re valid with our without Laini Taylor in your life! Hehe! But thank you for the shoutout, love! You are…. so damn sweet! And you had an amazing July, imo! I hope you love all of your reading in August, too! Abyss AND SoC? The blessings! Also – why the heck do I love the cover of Mega Bat so much? Hahah! Happy reading, my love! 💖xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg that Queer Eye GIF made me so happy!!! Aaah I love the show. ALSO I love the Ms Marvel comics so much. I also bought an ebook of A Thousand Perfect Notes the other day so it’s great to hear you enjoyed it! I feel like I keep saying this but I also love You Know Me Well! (You’ve just mentioned a bunch of my favorite books in this post haha.) Also Every Heart a Doorway! I need books when I’m travelling too! My Plain Jane is a book I’ve been curious about because I actually haven’t read that many reviews of it on blogs I follow but it seems interesting. Good luck with your tbr! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like you have an AMAZING trip coming up! 😀 I hope you’ll have a great time, but it sure sounds like you will 😛
    Anger is a Gift is one of my favourite reads this year (and of all time) I hope you’ll enjoy it. And thank you for sharing my post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You had such a great month, Cade! 🙂 I can’t wait for you to fall in love with Heartstopper, it’s so wonderful, and I just adore Alice Oseman.

    And thanks so much for including my post in your wrap-up, you’re so sweet! 💓

    Happy August & happy reading, Cade!! ✨💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait to read Heartstopper! And I’m definitely suggesting it to my library for purchase ❤

      That post was awesome 😀 I'm always looking for non-fictions recs since they can be hard sometimes to get into.

      Hope you have a wonderful August as well!!


  5. First, thanks for the mention and glad you enjoyed my book quotes enough to mention it. 😆

    All the GN sound amazing, except for that one you didn’t like lol, but otherwise aah, this is just making me want to devour graphic novels. The Witch Boy sounds wonderful and since it is middle grade, it will probably be the most enjoyable one. I’ve heard so many great things about Ms. Marvel.

    Eek, you’re going to watch Sharp Objects soon? I loved the book… the show not so much so far. I know the book is grim but gosh can’t they just make it a little, I don’t know, brighter? Why do all thrillers have to have such dark lighting as well, I would like to see what’s going on. 🙍🏼‍♀️

    Hope you enjoy your holiday and get some reading done (and rest). 🤗

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    1. You’re welcome (about the mention 😀 )!

      The Witch Boy is such a lovely lil story with really noice art. And Ms. Marvel was so great! Actually had me COL (chuckling out loud).

      I’ve still only seen the first ep of Sharp Objects since this post and I agree with you lol about the lighting. I’m loving Amy Adams and Sophia Lillis, though, (which is not at all a surprise).

      Thank you! I’ve had a fab time on my trip!! Got a few books read and didn’t do as much commenting as I thought I would (my laptop wasn’t actually in the same space as me for several days) but I’m back (online) now WOOHOO

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  6. Oh my god, SIX OF CROWS!! I hope you love it as much as the book community does, haha! And I read The Abyss Surrounds Us this summer and it was SO much fun and much better than I thought it would be, to be completely honest. I really hope you like it! And ohh, I’m so glad to hear you liked The Cruel Prince and Dress Codes for Small Towns! Both books I’m really excited to read (though I know there’s a stronger chance of me hating TCP 😂) Hope you have a great August! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, May! I’m halfway through Six of Crows and IT’S. SO. GOOD. FLAIL.

      Fingers crossed I’ll get to The Abyss Surrounds Us but there’s always next month haha.

      And I really liked both TCP and Dress Codes. Neither were perfect, but I really liked the characters!

      Hope you’re having a great August, as well, with some fab reads. ❤


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