To Fae or Not To Fae??

So in the month of June, I read 2/3 (or 3.5, there’s a novella as well) of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. And those books have some freaking great moments in them, while also being controversial, lacking in (good) rep, and repetitious AF. It has certainly reignited my love for all things fae in literature. And I recall reading Holly Black’s first book, Tithe, 84 years ago but… I am old, Father William, and I don’t remember anything aboot it.

Sooooo, in July, I would love to read a Holly Black book and I thought I’d ask you all which one I should read first?? She’s the Queen of Fae writings, yes? I’d love some input/suggestions/comments etc. etc. Thanks so much!


Image result for you are old father william gif
Me on the right looking out at the bookish community with love and a lot of blood rushing to my head // Art (c) John Tenniel

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