May Wrap-up // June TBR

I’ve never done a non-curriculum assigned TBR in my life; I’ve always been a mood reader or stuck to my favorite authors. Since starting this blog, I’ve read quite a bit more in the last month than in a very long time. Before, my time was usually spent zoning out on the tumblr or binging shows, both worthy timesuck pursuits, but I’d been craving something more.  A more productive focus away from the negativity in my noggin. My last post was a long book challenge I want to keep in mind; the following list (after my look back at my May reads) is going to be my June TBR, which I settled on partially from some #libraryhaul books I need to read, along with some immediate ARCs and random hopefuls, as well as a very exciting author debut !!! thrown in for good measure. I know it’s going to be so satisfying to chip away at my checkouts. And pretty soon, the renewals at my library are going to drop from a ridic 256 to a measly 10… RUHROH. So I want to get on that 😀


May // The Month I Woke Up

Total books read: 7 + some picture books

Manhattan Projects Volume 1 & 2 // This pretty much broke me with its massive Bechdel fail PLUS so many missed opportunities for a pretty cool premise?? Be better, dudes. Honestly, my monthly graphic novel book club was woefully small for this book (I wonder why T__T) and the three fellows who did show up missed the lack of female characters do I even know y’all LOL  [I’m still planning on doing a post inspired by this experience BUT what is time]

Spectacle Volume 1 // Super cute, super short, left me wanting more

Red As Blue // I liked this one at the start and then it just tumbled downhill… you might like it though! It is definitely a unique voice. There are some trigger warnings however including gun violence which really left me… sad.

The Honey Farm // Such a mood story. I ultimately didn’t like the ending, but I enjoyed the fall.

It’s Kind of A Funny Story // Kind of sweet, mostly helpful, definitely rec the movie for better portraying the good ideas from the book

As You Wish // The movie and book are utter perfection and this memoir about the making of is so so sweet. I listened to the audiobook which definitely adds to the experience and it’s just so nice in this often crapsack world to hear about a pretty lovely and creative time for this set of seemingly lovely folks. I JUST LIKE HEARING PEOPLE ARE NICE OKAY #celebrities #theyrejustlikeussometimes #notallsh*ttywerbenmanjensens

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo // This lil book is so important and wholesome and sweet and if you love it I love you and if you don’t love it well get out of here you’re no fun how can you not like buns being happy you bum

This is really a change for meI went months (lol years) without reading properly and by properly I mean remembering what I read and seeking out new and more diverse things and not just sticking to the same familiar authors. I buried myself in Netflix and swill. It might only be seven books, but that’s certainly seven more than this time last year.

June TBR // Imma Be Ambitious

Immediate ARCs

The first I’m SUPER excited about; the second compared itself to The Secret Life of Bees and um you best be careful because that is one of my favorite books and from the first couple chapters I read WELP still good but no bees to buzz about, ja feel.

Library Checkouts

My current read is To Kill a Kingdom and then the rest are either due and not renewable or they’ve been glaring/sighing/tutting at me from my shelf since… well, an obscenely long time. I’m not surprised my library is dropping their renewal limit down to 10 just looking at my own checkouts lol. (But I have returned a BUNCH this past month. SO THERE.)

Book Clubs

I’ve only been involved in one book club in forever, one in which I am a facilitator for my library, and Scarlet is up next for us, written by the fellow who did several runs of Jessica Jones, so fingers crossed.

Dress Codes for Small Towns came on my radar because of this post by becandbones! There’s an LGBTQIA+ group on Goodreads hosted by Alyssa @ pucksandpaperbacks and the book sounds great and I hope to get to it.

I never thought I would read A Court of Thorns and Roses (or at least not as soon as this; the reviews I have read have been pretty split, people either love or hate this series), but I’m also really excited to read this with other people?? In the last couple of days I’ve met some dynamite awesome people on Insta, including kimmersbooks who is hosting the book club, and merrowchild // both of these wonderfully lovely people hosted a giveaway for a month of free Owlcrate and I WON??? I haven’t won anything in 84 years and I just THANK YOU!! What I’m incredibly grateful for is that I’ve chatted with some great peeps because of this and we’re gonna read this book together and it’s fab and you should check those people out and flail with us. #pancakesquad



I have a feeling, my dudes, this is gonna be good. Should be at my door in a couple of days 😀


So that’s 11 books, plus Geekerella and The Love That Split the World are still pulling at my heartstrings, as well as a few more graphic novels for another Top Five Friday I want to do. Can I do this?? With a 55 hour+ work week and hanging out with people and all that jazz?? I think so! I’m going to definitely try ❤

Are you involved in any book clubs? Do you use a specific TBR or just read whatever grabs you?

7 thoughts on “May Wrap-up // June TBR

  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway, and you had a great month! 🙂 I’ve seen the movie adaption of It’s Kind of A Funny Story, but haven’t read the book & I’m a bit relieved to hear that you actually prefer the former. And I’m really excited for A Thousand Perfect Notes as well.

    Happy reading, Cade! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! Yeah the movie just worked better overall than the book itself. I’ve had Under Pressure in my head all day, which is a good thing actually 😀

    Super excited for ATPN! And I only had to wait a month or so since finding out about its existence!

    Hope you’re having a fab day 🙂


  3. Ah! So glad you are picking up the book club book! I’m pretty keen because I’ve heard some pretty great things about it, just waiting for my hold.

    I am also SO SO excited for ATPN and am waiting for my preorder as well. I have no doubt Cait is gonna become an even more perfect bean in my eyes once I am done (also have you seen that she is already bringing out another book!?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I heard about The Boy Who Steals Houses!! And that’s such a fab title and it was sweet that she said it was her original title and it never changed 🙂 Ahhh she is a perfect bean I love calling people that 😀


    1. Thanks for the comment! Yas to ATPN!! And it looks like you had a fab May 😀 The Brahmin sounds really good and I love graphic novels, so I’m glad you had fun reading Friends With Boys – it sounds interesting!


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