My Wonderful Ridic Longass Book Challenge // 2018 Be Good to Me

Last December, right before New Year’s, I was in a car accident. I totaled my car, it was not pretty, but thankfully I was okay and no one else was hurt (single car accident), and my mum never saw the wreck. After that, I had insurance to deal with and the realization that my 2nd job I picked up for saving money was now going to once again just be some getting by money. ANYWHO, right before that accident happened, I wrote up a longass book challenge list for myself, culled from various other lists, in an attempt to get myself to read more and read more different things.

I’m going to post the list below because I want to return to it now and again to see how I’m doing. It took me several months to work things out, and a few more weeks to even start this blog, but I’m having a wonderful time here, and didn’t want to just abandon this list. Obviously, I won’t finish this in 2018, but I’ve already done a couple of them just in the last month. Anything in [ ] are potential choices for the category.


  1. Read 158 books.
  2. A book with a cover you hate // [Lies You Never Told Me] (I’m actually super excited to read this; read the first couple chaps through BookishFirst and I was engrossed)
  3. An essay anthology // Ex Libris
  4. A sci-fi novel with a female protagonist by a female author // The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
  5. A celebrity memoir //
  6. A romance novel by or about a person of color //
  7. A childhood favorite // [Matilda]
  8. A book on your “to read” list // HA SO MANY
  9. A biography // [Robin by Dave Itzkoff]
  10. Pulitzer Prize winner // [Middlesex]
  11. A book on theology // [The Year of Living Biblically ?? IDK]
  12. A book published in 2018 // several 😀 The Honey Farm
  13. Author under 28 //
  14. Written before 1920 //
  15. NYT bestseller for more than 10 weeks //
  16. A book in translation //
  17. A graphic novel written by a POC //
  18. A book with food on the cover // [The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake]
  19. Banned book //
  20. A book that inspires you //
  21. A book with two people almost kissing on the cover (not Nicholas Sparks) //
  22. A book on your bookshelf you’ve never read //
  23. A book with more than 888 pages // [1Q84 or Jonathan Strange]
  24. Published posthumously //
  25. Book about nature //
  26. Female protag over 60 //
  27. An assigned book you hated (or DNF) //
  28. A western // [American Hippo] (I’ve read River of Teeth I need to read more :D)
  29. A classic mystery //
  30. Children’s classic published before 1980 //
  31. A book based on a movie you’ve seen // [Fingersmith]
  32. True Crime //
  33. A book set in a century that fascinates you //
  34. A book about death or grief //
  35. A book with an LGBTQIA protag //
  36. A book that is also a play or musical //
  37. A book about mental health //
  38. A book by an author you hate //
  39. A book by two authors //
  40. Time travel //
  41. A book recommended to you by a dude //
  42. A book set in the decade you were born //
  43. A bestseller from the year you graduated high school //
  44. A nonfiction book from that Buzzfeed list //
  45. A book written by a trans* author // [If I Was Your Girl]
  46. An epistolary book //
  47. An #ownvoices book //
  48. A book about intersectional feminism // [Bad Feminist]
  49. A novel inspired by true events //
  50. A funny book //
  51. A book about someone with a disability //
  52. A book given to you by a friend //
  53. A book written by a Native American author //

Extras / Sh*ts & Giggles

  • Read 50 “Five Star” picture books
  • Read a movie tie-in novelization
  • Read a new-to-you novel by Tanith Lee
  • Read a novel with a pun in the title
  • Read a novel featuring a bear
  • Read a book by an author who shares your first or last name
  • Finish a Stephen King novel
  • Write/read your own novel XD


Have you ever followed one of those book challenge lists? Any suggestions for me?

9 thoughts on “My Wonderful Ridic Longass Book Challenge // 2018 Be Good to Me

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your accident though, that must’ve been utterly terrifying. 😔😔 But yay for lists and challenges!! I don’t do a lot of these, but I kind of want to someday?! It’s so satisfying ticking things off!

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your car accident, though I’m glad you’re okay! I don’t do book challenge lists – I’m very much a mood reader so these just don’t work for me haha. I always feel so pressured! Good luck with yours, but most importantly I hope you’ll have fun!

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