Top Ten Tuesday: The (Fave) Name Game

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that started at thebrokeandbookish and is now hosted by Jana @ thatartsyreadergirl. There’s a different prompt each week and you can interpret it to your bloggish heart’s desire! This week’s theme: Best Character Names


Names I love because it is intrinsically tied to a happy-making, nigh-perfect book/character and/or I just find it lovely!!

Image result for the book thief liesel

Liesel // The Book Thief

Such a powerful book with such an amazing, strong, tightly coiled, itching-to-flare ember of  a young girl as the protag. It was a pleasure to fall in love with the art of reading with her again.


Image result for frodo the lord of the rings

Frodo // The Lord of the Rings

His name just makes me happy! I’ve only finished The Fellowship of the Ring, so this is mostly for movie!Frodo, and I love all my stinky hobbitses, but I have a soft spot for this not-quite-so-Chosen-One.




Image result for inigo montoya

Inigo Montoya // The Princess Bride

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” The entire sequence leading up to Inigo finally fulfilling his lifelong quest of revenge… so damn moving and heartbreaking, every single time. And hearing Mandy Patinkin reflect on his favorite lines from the film? I cry. (Hearing about anything from this film; the cast and crew and book and everything, utterly everything, freaking perfect.)

Image result for howl howl's moving castleHowl // Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl Jenkins Pendragon. I love both versions of this character and the many sides of his personality. He’s flamboyant, ambitious, childish, kind, forgiving, hilarious, inventive. He’s pretty damn fab.

Jasper // uhhh, Twilight and 101 Dalmatians !?

Lol, I just wanted to include this name. I find it so lovely! It can mean “speckled or spotted stone”!! It just has a nice sssss to it! It’s my cat’s name!! Isn’t she purdy?

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Names I would totes give my adopted child or next cat!!

Image result for matilda book

Matilda // Matilda

I love this book so much. The header quote of my blog touched my heart so many years ago and has stayed with me and comforted me. I love all of the nicknames you can derive from it. I love Dahl’s Matilda and her curiosity and tricksie-ness and bravery. Bless.



Image result for this is all the pillow book of cordelia kenn

Cordelia Kenn // This Is All

She can be long-winded. She loveslovesloves Willy Shakes and words and thinking about everything and sharing her love for things. I really connected with her and her name holds the key to one of my favorite ambiguous endings in a book ever.





Image result for the thief of always art

Harvey Swick // The Thief of Always

One of my favorite opening lines EVER: “The great grey beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive.” If you like CoralineThe Phantom Tollbooth, and young kids learning what it means to truly be a hero… check this book out. I’ll cry with you about it gladly!





Marin // We Are Okay

Her name is so reminiscent of the sea and she’s a really relatable character who breaks my heart.








Image result for the outsiders johnny


Johnny Cade // The Outsiders

Psssssst, I love this book with all my greasy sobbing awkward self. I’ve used the name Cade online and IRL for years now. I love the sound of it and I love the character behind it.





There we have it! Ten names I lurve. What are some of your favorite character names?

Bonus: Lying Cat

Image result for lying cat
Lol, and this isn’t about my answers… I just love this kitkat

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The (Fave) Name Game

  1. Ohh I recognise a ton of these books and love them too!! (Eeep The Outsiders is SO good.) I also really like the name Marin all of a sudden!? I read it in Pacifica by Kristen Simmons too and it’s such a lovely name. 😍

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  2. Here to applaud Lying Cat. But also Harvey Swick is the slickest, greatest character name I have come across, even though I don’t know the character.

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