Five Star Friday: Picture Books Edition #4

I’m so sleepy.

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Happy Friday, y’all! My day off after 16 on is coming up!!! I’mma read e v e r y t h i n g outside 😀


1. Kitty and Dino by Sara Richard

13507063Synopsis: The bond of love and friendship will never grow extinct!

When a little boy brings home a dinosaur egg, the cat of the house isn’t too keen on the tiny creature that pops out. But after a few weeks of showing the new baby the ropes, a bond forms between kitty and dino that transcends species. Featuring the unique, unforgettable artwork of Sara Richard!

Review: I say this a lot: “Life should be this way” in regards to happy-making concepts. And this picture book is an example of something I would scream that phrase about from a rooftop. Life should be randomly finding a dino egg and that egg hatching and the family cat teaching the lil feathery fluff dino to be a cat (after some initial first encounters shenanigans) and then dino and cat growing up to frolic with butterflies in a goshdarn whimsical meadow.

Hearteyes for the art style, too. Lovely colors and frenetic line work add to the sense of movement and playfulness.

2. The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken

31456756Synopsis: Zoom meets Beautiful Oops! in this memorable picture book debut about the creative process, and the way in which “mistakes” can blossom into inspiration.

As one artist incorporates accidental splotches, spots, and misshapen things into her art, she transforms her piece in quirky and unexpected ways, taking readers on a journey through her process. Told in minimal, playful text, this story shows readers that even the biggest “mistakes” can be the source of the brightest ideas — and that, at the end of the day, we are all works in progress, too.

Fans of Peter Reynolds’s Ish and Patrick McDonnell’s A Perfectly Messed-Up Story will love the funny, poignant, completely unique storytelling of The Book of Mistakes. And, like Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, it makes the perfect graduation gift, encouraging readers to have a positive outlook as they learn to face life’s obstacles.

Review: This picture book is f///ing poetry. Absolutely lovely message, lovely color palette, with some Peter Pan-ish flair.


3. Ella by Mallory Kasdan

22522291Synopsis: This is ELLA. She is six years old. She lives at the Local Hotel. She has a nanny called Manny. He has tattoos for sleeves and he might go in with some guys to buy a grilled cheese truck. Sometimes Ella weaves purses out of Ziploc bags and reclaimed twine. (She is artsy of course.) She has a dog named Stacie and a fish named Rasta and a scooter which is important for getting everywhere she needs to be. Altogether she has been to 62 events including that Hillary Clinton fundraiser. She is NEVER bored. If Ella and Kay Thompson’s Eloise got together for a play date, they would have a very good time indeed.

Review: Query number one: do you like the classic picture book Eloise by Kay Thompson? Query part deux: How hipster are you? (I once took a Buzzfeed quiz that informed me that my musical tastes are 71% hipster. Have y’all heard of my faves The Wombats??) If you actually read either of those questions, guess what? You should read this book! It’s too f///ing cute and the blurb is frickin correct. Eloise and Ella would take NYC for all of its marbles and be besties-in-crime. I love this little modern era girl, and I’m a little in love with Manny the Nanny WTF but it is what is, my dudes. It is what it is.

4. Sparky by Jenny Offill

17471114Synopsis: The ingenious author of 17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do Anymoreand a brilliant illustrator and production designer of the Coralinemovie have created a hilarious, touching picture book perfect for young animal lovers. Like the Caldecott Medal-winning Officer Buckle and Gloria, Sparky stars a pet who has more to offer than meets the eye. When our narrator orders a sloth through the mail, the creature that arrives isn’t good at tricks or hide-and-seek . . . or much of anything. Still, there’s something about Sparky that is irresistible.

Review: The absolute joy I receive from looking at Sparky’s lil face, always staring, always vacant, sometimes sleepy, always adorable, is immense. The absolute bawling-esque, swelling-heart feeling I get from the lines “‘You’re it, Sparky,’ I said. And for a long, long time he was” is immense. This book is immensely sweet and enjoyable. Take your time with it. Sparky won’t mind.

Image result for sparky jenny offill

5. Silly Doggy! by Adam Stower

13195457Synopsis: One day, Lily saw something WONDERFUL in her garden. It had four legs, a tail, and a big, wet nose…

and Lily had ALWAYS wanted one!

Review: So there’s a little girl name Lily and she’s kind of silly because SHE’S ACTUALLY THE SMARTEST SWEETEST LUCKIEST CHILD EVER and gets to have a big brown fluffy dog bear for a pet. For too brief a time, but I am in love with every page, every adorable thing this bear and child do together.

Bears are the best, even if they are no good at tricks and listening to directions.


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I’m going to try! I’ve got several posts planned, including graphic novel minis, ARC reviews, my huge book self-challenge, a semi-rant/discussion prompt stemming from my experience talking about a TURRIBLE graphic novel, and a really lovely Top 5 (probably next Friday lol). Take care, everyone!

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