Top Ten Tuesday: P U R P L E

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that started at thebrokeandbookish and is now hosted by Jana @ thatartsyreadergirl. There’s a different prompt each week and you can interpret it to your bloggish heart’s desire! This week’s theme: Books With My Favorite Color On the Cover (or In the Title)

Psssst, I positively prefer purple, my precious dudes, and perhaps it’s obvi, perhaps not. What I know now is that there aren’t a lot of purple covered books out there!? Or at least ones I’ve read/would like to read. Welp, let’s all down some purp juice and get to this thing 😀


Purpleish Books I’ve Read




Harold and the Purple Crayon // Crockett Johnson ~ I mean, for the amount of picture books I share here, I couldn’t leave out this creative lil guy.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook // Dinah Bucholz ~ So this cookbook is far from perfect (and a bit silly, a recipe for bacon and eggs, some recipes not even tested… okiedokes) and it misses out on butterbeer due to licensing (find both alcoholic and non- recipes online, it’s soooooo good but my fave recipe is definitely from bingingwithbabish), but this unofficial serving is a lot of fun. There are a TON of recipes and references in here, and I especially laughed at the tidbit for Hagrid’s Rock Cakes (to make them authentic in texture, just leave ’em out for a couple of days.)

The Headless Cupid // Zilpha Keatley Snyder ~ Creepy fab children’s mystery; def need to do a reread sometime

The Secret Books of Paradys III & IV // Tanith Lee ~ Her purple prose (HA) is just so lovely and this cover !!!! <3<3<3<3

Salt & Storm // Kendall Kulper ~ Three star all the way around this book but I really do like that cover. Simple yet satisfying.


Purpleish Books I’d Love to Read




Geekerella // Ashley Poston ~ Cinderella retelling x fandom love ?? Sign me up (all them punnerific references *swoon*)

Meddling Kids // Edgar Cantero ~ SCOOBY GANG SCOOBY GANG SCOOBY GANG Zoinks, dudes, why haven’t I read this yet?!

The Purple Emperor // Herbie Brennan ~ I freaking love the first in this series of an alternate fae world, and I’m happy to hear about some shippish things later in the series. I think this is where I stopped, lol. One day, one day.

Welcome to Night Vale // Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor ~ Jinkies, I must confess… I’ve not listened to much Night Vale, although I know I’d love it! Now that the weather’s finally mercifully changing, I’ll have to figure out my phone and listen to it on walks/bike rides (already been on several bike rides!! I’m surprised I get far, I’m snorting the delicious smells in the air so much (also I’m just terrible at phones, legit the last thing I ever update, only had a smart phone for a year and like what are phones? beepboop))

Wicked Like A Wildfire // Lana Popović ~ That cover is bloody gorgeous and it sounds like Practical Magic by way of Guillermo del Toro. #excite


Have you read any of the books featured? Thoughts?

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