happy friday 13th muahaha

Well, hullo there! The name is Cade and I’m here to flail about books and happy-making things and occasionally bears and whatever else strikes me. I’ll have my first real post up on Sunday – really, really.

I’m 26, work at a library, and just saw A Quiet Place, which is FAB and also felt right for the day. Hope everyone is having a spooky one, especially if you’re in to that.

I’m looking forward to trying something new with this whole shindig. My goal with this site is to motivate myself to read more like I used to and just blather and have fun and rant every now and then.


If you’re a blogger, what’s your favorite thing about it? And what’s everyone currently reading? I just finished an ARC, my first YAY, and I’m late with posting a review AHAHA, but maybe one day I’ll get the timing thing right 🙂 You’ll see the review Sunday!

TTFN // Cade

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